Exhibition Intrusión. Galería 80m2, Lima. 2008

The body is a social construction and an arbitrary concept of beauty.
The influence of society and the mass media impose the individual aesthetic ideals to follow, often idealized and unrealistic. If the body prototypes are based 
in fiction, then the methods to approach them can not leave to be unnatural. So surgery reconciles aesthetic body with its aesthetic expectations, transforming subject's individual imperfections (in female in this case) in a body shaped by culture and isolated from heredity. 

Graphite on four sheets of paper. 2008

Graphite on paper. 30.5 x 42 cm. 2008

Graphite on paper. 24.5 x 34.5 cm. 2008

Variations. Body/ gender
Acrylic on six sheets of paper. 57.5 x 42 cm. 2008

Restoration / shared body
Acrylic on paper. 24 x 32 cm. 2008

Permitted ways of touching a woman. We all wants to be a plastic surgeon
Graphite on three sheets of paper. 24 x 30 cm. each. 2008

Genetic loss
Oil on canvas. 108.5 x 103.5 cm. 2008

 ( St.) Thomas
Oil on canvas/ Graphite and gesso on canvas. 82 x 64 cm. each. 2008

 Disappointment. Dilution
Graphite and ink on two sheets of paper. 26 x 31 cm. each. 2008

Still from video without audio, 3 minutes aprox. 2006