Tú y yo

Exhibition Tú y yo (Loneny Hearts Club Band). Galería 80m2, Lima. 2009

Tú y yo (Lonely Hearts Club Band) portrays the difficulty of conducting personal relationships in contemporary Peruvian society and the manner in which the media serve as a prosthesis to assist these relationships.
The emphasis of the exhibition is in the contradiction involved in using these resources to the pursuit of intimacy, emotional or physical, as they are at the same time a kind of wall and bridge that distance and near, and because of its public nature, impersonal standardizes and trivialize the individual and what it wants to communicate.
Thus, there are new appearances, new bodies interrelate in new ways, in an exercise of "distant approach" where the environment stands as a virtual filter about two distant realities.

Busco un corazón. Pero no un corazón cualquiera. Tiene que ser uno
compatible con la dureza de los tiempos en los que vivimos. Para poder
soportar las pruebas. Busco un corazón especial. Acaso lo tienes tú.

Looking for a heart. But not a heart either. It must be acompatible
with the hardness of the times in which we live. To endure testing.
Looking for a special heart. Perhaps what you have

Graphite on wall, 1.60 x 100cm.

Distance. Graphite on paper, 62 x 64 cm.

Page ad in the Ajá Newspaper
Saturday, September 26, 2009

Untitled, from Plan A series
Graphite and watercolor on paper

Plan A series 
Graphite on eight sheets of paper

From Plan B series
Graphite on paper

Lonely hearts club band
Graphite on six sheets of paper

Graphite on eight sheets of paper, 9,5 x 4,5 cm. each

Graphite on paper

Oil on canvas, 1.08 x 1.50 cm.