Black Square

Exhibition Cuadrado Negro. Galería El Cuarto de Rescate, Lima. 2011

Sketches for a Geometric Abstraction project
Watercolor on paper / Acrylic on paper, 34.5 x 24.5 cm. each. 2011

Sketches for a Geometric Abstraction project
Watercolor on paper. 2011

Censorship controls the look and defines which areas of the body and what actions are considered public and private, social and culturally.
The Black Square project begins in a censored magazine of explicit sex, which opposed the organic nature of the bodies with the geometry of the black squares used to censor them, resulting in a second magazine of geometric abstraction where the bodies have disappeared leaving only censorship. Images of this journal are extended resulting in a series of geometric abstraction paintings close to Kazimir Malevich Suprematism and his paining Black Square in 1915.

Fox, April 1992
Acrylic on magazine. 2011

Geometric Abstraction Magazine
Acrylic on pages of notebook. 2011
Unique edition

    The Last Futurist Exhibition 0,10
    Kazimir Malevich, 1915

          Black Square, exhibition view
          El Cuarto de Rescate Gallery

    Black Square
    Kazimir Malevich, 1915

Black Square
Acrylic, graphite and gesso on canvas, 1.20 x 84.5 x 5 cm. 2011

Magazine printed paper and masking tape on two sheets of paper, 28 x 21 cm. 2011


Untitled, from Constructions series
Printed paper torn and pasted on paper. 2010