La última frontera

Exhibition La última frontera. Galería Corriente Alterna Diseño, Lima. 2012

La última frontera assembles offers in diverse means to question the human creations that have been limiting the spaces that contain the man. Those "territories" that tie us, determine and border shaped by the past, the laws, the history and the geography. Taking of example experiences that found in the legal emptinesses the possibility of exercising mas similar to the freedom, and motivated by the same search acabarmos looking out of this one for world, buying a territory in the Moon with an equal area that of the room of exhibition, creating a parallelism between the longed for and the feasible thing. 
Project of collective creation developed with Claudia Martínez, Stefanía Polo and Arturo Kameya.

What are we? / What do we do? 
28 chemical components of the human body in boxes of acrylic, organized as they appear in the Periodic Table of the Elements / 
Digital inkjet print on paper of images of 28 disasters caused by the man with every element. 550 x 90 x 8 cm. 2012

Terraqueous rhizome
Correction fluid on books of geography, history, law and literature. 120 x 100 x 12 cm. 2012

Earth of possibilities (The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland)
Watercolor, Indian ink, graphite and digital inkjet print on papers, cutted maps and pins. Variable measures. 2012

Sea of possibilities (Principality of Sealand)
Watercolor, ink, graphite, correction fluid and digital inkjet print on papers, maps and model in balsa wood. Variable measures. 2012

Sky of Possibilities (Lunar Embassy)
Watercolor, Indian ink and digital inkjet print on papers and pages of the book From the Earth to the Moon by Jules Verne. Variable measures. 2012

Legal emptinesses / Lunar rhizome/ Purchase of the Moon

Legal emptinesses 
Reproduction of 3 international agreements cutted and mounted on black foam, 35 x 25 cm. Each one. 2012

Purchase of the Moon
Three documents received on having bought to Lunar Embassy a land on the Moon with the area of the gallery. 35 x 25 cm. Each one. 2012

Plane of the gallery. Inkjet print on paper.

Marking territory
A photographic record of action in which I draw with urine the area of the territory purchased on the Moon, which has the dimensions of the gallery. Inkjet printing on paper. 2012

Maring territory
Video. 2012